The alumni of the Division of Mechanical Engineering have played a practical and leading
role as an“engine of Korea” in the process of our nation’s successful modernization and
industrialization,and the majority of the alumni and graduates today are starting their career in
companies and actively working in various fields.
Hanyang University’s Division of Mechanical
Engineering has been recognized as having the most active and exemplary academic-industrial
partnerships of all universities in Korea, and in order to carry on this tradition and lead the
industrial development of the country, the division has set “nurturing talents who lead creative
economy and mutual development” as its educational objective.
To achieve this goal, the division
runs its curriculums with three sub-objective visions : 1) creator, 2) collaborative leader, 3) pioneer


Training global creative talents
who are leading design field


Training leaders
who are innovating a new market.


training the partners who will
create a value of coexistence