• Education of Human
    Resources of
    Global Competence
    • All lectures are provided in English
    • M.S students have to give a presentation at a domestic or an international conference
    • Ph.D. students have to publish more than two papers in SCI journals
    • M.S. students and Ph.D. students have to write their thesis in English
  • The Highest Level
    of Scholarship
    and Research Support
    • Scholarships are awarded to all graduate students
    • Expenses for attending international conferences are offered to the graduate students with outstanding achievements in their research
    • All graduates are employed by leading companies or prominent institutions in Korea
  • Advanced-Convergence
    Related Education
    • Research-based university education for converging electronics, material science, physics, chemistry, nano technology, bio technology, medical science, etc., ac based on mechanical engineering
    • Cooperative education for more than 40 M.S. degree students, 80 unified M.S. and Ph.D. degree students, and 20 Ph.D. degree stuednts
    • Recognition of credits from other majors related to convergence technology
  • Vigorous Exchanges
    with Overseas Research
    Groups and Institutions
    • Convergence-Technology Related Seminars:20 times every year
    • MOU contracts, joint workshops, or student exchanges with more than 150 overseas universities
    • “Global Partner Lab.” program for joint research with 43 overseas research groups
    • Organization of international conferences