Overview :

This project aims to improve the structure of universities and strengthen their
competitiveness by offering specialized education
based on the demands of society.

- Lead economic growth in various fields through strategic plans for specializing universities.

- Specialize the academic fields in a balanced way.

- Promote changes in college curriculums through interdisciplinary convergence.

- Establish the foundation for nurturing creative talents.

Program for Nurturing Autonomously-converged Creative-design Talents :

The Division of Mechanical Engineering of Hanyang University has operated this program since 2014 (10 billion won in funding provided by the government for
5 years)

Target :

All students enrolled in the Division of Mechanical Engineering

Educational Vision :

"Nurturing creative-design talents who will lead creative economy and our mutual development by establishing an autonomously-converged tailored education system"

Educational Objectives and Execution Strategy
교육목표 및 추진전략 도표
Homepage of the Program for Fostering Autonomously-converged
Creative-design Talents :


Overview :

ABEEK is an accredited engineering education system that meets the global educational standards required by the Accreditation Board for Engineering
Education of Korea. This program guarantees the readiness of graduates for work
in engineering fields.

Target :

Students who entered the university before 2015 will be selectively accredited, and
those who entered the university from 2016 need to be accredited to graduate from
the Division of Mechanical Engineering.

Expected Effects :

Can secure the competitive advantage that
could help them with employment by
completing demand-oriented courses.

Can secure an advantage in entering
overseas companies or acquiring
credentials overseas by securing
the equivalence of different degre
systems between countries.


Can enhance their competitiveness by
hiring talents with great creativity and
field adaptability.

Can reduce the time and budget
expense of training new employees.


Can enhance their competitiveness
by guaranteeing the competence
of their graduates through continuous
efforts to improve course quality.

Can secure an advantage in recruiting
excellent students by operating accredited
degree courses.

Can secure an advantage in recruiting overseas
students by establishing an education system that
meets global standards.

Nation and society

Supply the various types of talents
required by society by supporting the
Accredited Engineering Education
System that meets global standards.

Strengthen the national competitiveness
by nurturing the various types of talents
required by society, including